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Logotherapy & Wellbeing practices

Welcome to MindCare

Welcome to MindCare, a space of self-discovery and personal growth.

I am Ekaterina, a founder of MindCare, a Logotherapist, Qigong & Yoga Instructor and a Poet.

My work is based on Logotherapy and Wellbeing practices meant to help you experience and go through gentle journey of self-discovery, getting support and guidance on your journey.

Logotherapy and gentle wellbeing practices beautifully completent each other. Gentle practices such as meditations, qigong, yoga, breathing practices help the body and mind become more open to the inner changes, smoothly integrating the inner work from the Logotherapy sessions. It makes the whole experience deeper and, at the same time, more gentle for the person.

Why Choosing MindCare?

I deeply believe in the power of personal growth and inner transformation. Combining my experience and practice, the research from my readings and my self-discoveries, I have created MindCare, the platform of self-discovery and personal growth.  I will help you open yourself for a journey toward a more balanced, peaceful and fulfilled life, in harmony with yourself, with your true self.

I am providing a holistic Wellbeing support, aimed at healing the person on a soma, psycho and spiritual levels – as a whole. By having more integrity within ourselves, we are bringing this wholeness and stability into the world.

My work is unique, because I am integrating holistic therapy – Logotherapy and gentle mindfulness practices like breathing techniques, qigong and yoga in my practice.

Also, I am a Poet, and my poetry has a healing transformational effect, bringing peace and love into the heart. I include poetic therapy in my work.


Ekaterina Voznesenskaia



Mission statement
"Discover your journey toward a meaningful, peaceful and fulfilled life"

Logotherapy & Mindfulness

“Those who have a ‘why’ to live can bear with almost any ‘how'” – Nietzsche

Logotherapy & Mindfulness with Ekaterina

My therapy is based on Logotherapy – Viktor Frankl’s therapy of meaning, and Mindfulness practices. Logotherapy is a supplementary type of psychotherapy, based on Viktor Frankl’s therapy of meaning, meant to help you discover a new alternative way how to respond to the situation. Logotherapy is based on the concept of a meaningful life, helping you to find meaning in any situation, even the most difficult one.

When would you need Logotherapy & Mindfulness sessions?

When you are looking for a sense of deeper peace and harmony in your life. When you are feeling lack of energy, burnt out at your work or the relationship and looking for the way out. When you are feeling lost and lacking a sense of purpose, meaning, feeling hopeless and in pain. When you are looking for healing from past traumatic experiences. Moreover, I support people suffering from anxiety, obsession, depression, phobias and compulsions and the problems caused by ‘hyperreflection’.

Gentle approach is the key part of my therapy.

Qigong for your health and wellbeing

“Qi Gong is a way of being. Being soft, yet strong. Qi Gong is a way of breathing. Breathing deeply, yet calmly. Qi Gong is a way of standing. Alert, yet relaxed” – Nigel Mills

Qigong classes with Ekaterina

Qigong is an ancient Chinese breathing energy practice consisting of slow gentle movements and meditation. There are different types of Qigong. I am teaching Health Qi Gong that is meant for healing, maintaining inner balance and inner peace, strengthening immune system. Qigong also has roots in the Chinese martial arts and is used to foster resilience and inner strength.

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