Poem Lion

Rage is furious like a firing flame

Breaking through my bones,

It feels as if

I’m going to break the wall

And break myself,

Will I?




Because I am a Lion,

And I survive my rage,

And I let this fucking rage burn to the ashes

Not inside myself,

But on the paper,

And I am letting it dissolve

And fade slowly

Like the fire does,

And I am letting it go

Like the fucking past goes,

I am letting it end,

Like the end ends.


I am a Lion,

And there is lioness

Inside myself

There is rage

And peace

At the same time,

There is anger

And compassion

At the same time,

There is hatred

And love

At the same time.


And I let my Lion

Live in me,

Because he makes me



Ekaterina Voznesenskaia


Ekaterina Voznesenskaia

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