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Hello beautiful people,

I’m Ekaterina, a qualified Logotherapist, an accredited member of the International Association of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis at the Viktor Frankl Institute Vienna. I am also a Wellbeing Practitioner, being a certified Qigong and Yoga Instructor.

Quite often I am being asked about Logotherapy. What is it Logotherapy and is it somehow different from psychotherapy?

Logotherapy is a supplementary type of psychotherapy, based on Viktor Frankl’s therapy of meaning, meant to help you discover a new alternative way how to respond to the situation. Logotherapy is based on the concept of a meaningful life, helping you to find meaning in any situation, even the most difficult one. As Nietzsche said: “He who has a why to live for, can bear almost any how.”

In my work I am using the Logotherapy meaning triangle:

1 Creativity – giving something to the world through self-expression, opening your creative heart and discovering your talents and strengths.

2 Experience – receiving something from the world through your relationships and interactions with people, environment and nature.

3 Change of attitude – when not being able to change the situation or the circumstances, we can change or choose our attitude toward the situation, the person or the condition.

Logotherapy and Mindfulness beautifully completest each other. Gentle mindfulness practices such as meditations, qigong, breathing practices help the body and mind become more open to the inner changes, smoothly integrating the inner work from the Logotherapy sessions. It makes the whole experience deeper and, at the same time, more gentle for the person.

When would you need Logotherapy & Mindfulness sessions?

When you are looking for a sense of deeper peace and harmony in your life. When you are feeling lack of energy, burnt out at your work or the relationship and looking for the way out. When you are feeling lost and lacking a sense of purpose, meaning, feeling hopeless and in pain. When you are looking for healing from past traumatic experiences. Moreover, I support people suffering from anxiety, obsession, depression, phobias and compulsions and the problems caused by ‘hyperreflection’.

What changes can you bring into your life through Logotherapy and Mindfulness practices?

It is primarily and most important shift in your attitude toward yourself and other people. Change of the attitude toward the situations and outer experiences. It is letting go of self-judgement, self-sabotage and negativity, coming to a sense of inner peace, self-love and a sense of meaning in your life.

Gentle approach is the key part of my therapy.

Please see below the details with my schedule and booking.

I am wishing you health, love and peace within yourself.

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Hello Beautiful people!

The Christmas mindfulness evening ‘Love of the Change’ is taking place on Saturday evening the 16th of December at 6pm – 8.30pm in Oscailt centre, 8 Pembroke Rd, Dublin. Love of the change is connected to our self-love and self-care, showing how much we love and take care of ourselves in the moments of change, and bringing this love and care through our daily life.

Through gentle practices of

  • breathing & grounding meditations,
  • qigong & mindful dancing,
  • healing sounds
  • poetry & art,
  • journaling and
  • group sharing

we will be exploring and living through the concept of change, opening ourselves to new and unknown, expanding ourselves and our inner potential. Connection to the group and group sharing will be an invaluable part of our mindful evening, when we will be able to listen to each other and be here in the space of care and support.

The mindfulness evening also included the ceremonial cacao meant to open your heart for a deeper connection with yourself, with your intuition, unleashing your creative power and your inner potential.

The time for this event is very special, it is happening right before Christmas and New Year that is the time of change, transition and a new life, the time of showing bigger love to yourself and to the others, showing kindness, acceptance and compassion and preparing yourself for a new year, a new life cycle.

This mindfulness evening is meant to support your health and wellbeing by bringing nourishing health practices, art and poetry, connection to the group of like-minded people and experiencing a healing effect of cacao. It is called the ‘mindfulness’ evening because it’s the time for your self-care, self-love and your self-awareness. It’s the time of letting go and allowing a new year, new changes, new beginnings to gently come into your life.

You are very welcome to join us to explore a beautiful path of mindfulness on our mindfulness evening the 16th of December.
I’m wishing health, love and peace in the heart!
Warm wishes,

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