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I am Ekaterina, a certified Level 1 Qigong Instructor, a member of the Irish Health Qigong Association and a member of the International Tai chi and Qigong Federation ITQF.

I discovered Qigong for myself during the Covid time when all of us were looking for the wellbeing support. Having been practicing yoga for three years by that time and completed several mindfulness courses, I was exploring various ways of healing your body, mind and spirit in a holistic way.

I discovered the book “Shaolin: You don’t have to fight to win” by Bernhard Moestl. Non-fighting means including qigong and tai chi have become a revelation for me.  These ancient healing practices discourage fighting and showing the value of the natural rhythm of life staying in harmony and peace with yourself.

I was practicing qigong, tai chi and kung fu, and have found qigong the most gentle practice out of these three. Being a holistic practice, qigong movements affect particular body organs and meridians. It is suitable almost for all ages and almost any physical condition, and can be done also seated.

It is viewed as practice to cultivate and balance qi energy or “life energy”.  Qi is translated as “air, breath, life energy” and gong (or kung) is translated as “practice, skill, mastery, achievement”. Qi’ ‘Gong’ combined together mean practice to cultivate and balance your energy for health and wellbeing.

In my classes we are combining breathing and physical exercises, directing your energy in its natural harmonious flow. Some of Qigong movements imitate animals or nature, for example, bird flying, or a tiger posture. It is fun and it is something different.

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I look forward to seeing you in my classes!

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I am trusting you are well.

I would like to invite you to my Qigong classes meant for women’s health. It is also called female Qigong. The classes will be taking place in the in the Mindfulness Centre.

Qigong is an ancient Chinese breathing energy practice consisting of slow gentle movements and meditation. There are different types of Qigong, and in this class I will be teaching female Qi Gong, that is specifically meant for women’s health. The exercises are very gentle, some of them are, for example, breathing and visualizing the breath filling the body, the organs, bringing new healing energy to yourself. We will be also doing self-massage practice that helps bring the hormones into balance. The practice helps harmonise the flow of the meridians, bringing the energy into its natural harmonious rhythm.

The classes will be taking place in the Mindfulness centre in Dublin, 33 Pembroke Street Lower on Saturdays 11am and Thursdays 7pm on the following dates: November 19, December 1, 10, 17, 22.

Please find the link below to book the classes. The max capacity is 12 people, so please book the class in advance. You can also email me ekaterina@mind-care.ie for more details.
You are very welcome to join us.
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