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I am Ekaterina, a certified Level 1 Qigong Instructor, a member of the Irish Health Qigong Association and a member of the International Tai chi and Qigong Federation ITQF.

I discovered Qigong for myself during the Covid time when all of us were looking for the wellbeing support. Having been practicing yoga for three years by that time and completed several mindfulness courses, I was exploring various ways of healing your body, mind and spirit in a holistic way.

I discovered the book “Shaolin: You don’t have to fight to win” by Bernhard Moestl. Non-fighting means including qigong and tai chi have become a revelation for me.  These ancient healing practices discourage fighting and showing the value of the natural rhythm of life staying in harmony and peace with yourself.

I was practicing qigong, tai chi and kung fu, and have found qigong the most gentle practice out of these three. Being a holistic practice, qigong movements affect particular body organs and meridians. It is suitable almost for all ages and almost any physical condition, and can be done also seated.

It is viewed as practice to cultivate and balance qi energy or “life energy”.  Qi is translated as “air, breath, life energy” and gong (or kung) is translated as “practice, skill, mastery, achievement”. Qi’ ‘Gong’ combined together mean practice to cultivate and balance your energy for health and wellbeing.

In my classes we are combining breathing and physical exercises, directing your energy in its natural harmonious flow. Some of Qigong movements imitate animals or nature, for example, bird flying, or a tiger posture. It is fun and it is something different.

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I look forward to seeing you in my classes!

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Mindful Dancing Qigong with Ekaterina

Welcome to my classes of Mindful Dancing Qigong, that is a journey toward your inner balance and peace, unleashing your inner peaceful warrior, unlocking your courage and bravery to be authentic yourself no matter what circumstances you are in. My classes are unique in the sense that they have a therapeutical healing effect on your mind, body and energy, by allowing a holistic experience of mindfulness, qigong and dancing to become a transformational creative force for you. 

Mindful Dancing Qigong is a beautiful combination of flowing qigong movements in harmony with music, which invites you to discover the potential of your body to open up to new experience, connecting deeper to your inner self, listening to yourself and loving yourself for who you are. Through natural breathing into each of your movement you will allow your energy to flow and bring love and care to the parts of yourself which need more attention right now. Qigong in dancing is in itself healing. Dancing is healing. Breathing is healing. 

The classes will be taking place in Mind The Step studio in Dublin 1 on Saturdays 12pm – 1pm, starting on the 30th of September, and will be running throughout consecutive 6 weeks.

The classes will start with a short meditation breathing practice and qigong warm up and then we will be learning the graceful movements from Mindful Dancing Qigong as the main part of the class, and we will be finishing with a short meditation allowing to gently process the the experience.

Mindful Dancing Qigong is also called a gentle mindfulness therapy through meditation, breathing and dance. You will be learning to:

  • Be more gentle, loving and kind to yourself
  • Make self-care as your big priority
  • Bring a mindful approach into your life
  • Come to a deeper stability and balance
  • Enhance a sense of your self-esteem and self-value
  • Allow your inner beauty to unleash itself 
  • Experience a deeper connection to yourself
  • Allow your creativity and self-expression to unlock

Learning to love your body, connecting deeper to it, feeling and sensing it on a more subtle level brings you closer to a sense of inner wholeness, peace and harmony within yourself.

Music has a healing soothening effect on the body and mind, and moving your body in synchrony with music, and breathing into each of your movement allows you to connect with your deeper self and feel the parts of yourself which may need more love, care and attention.

You are very welcome to join my classes, and I am looking forward to seeing you very soon!

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Trial class 15euro

Drop-in class 16euro

6 classes pass 90euro

5 classes pass 75 euro

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PayPal: ekaterinasmile1992@gmail.com



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