Poem Lion

Rage is furious like a firing flame Breaking through my bones, It feels as if I’m going to break the wall And break myself, Will I?   No.   Because I am a Lion, And I survive my rage, And I let this fucking rage burn to the ashes Not inside myself, But on the […]

I Love myself

I respect myself,   I value myself,   I bring kindness to myself,   I bring compassion to myself,   I bring forgiveness to myself,   I bring care to myself,   I bring support to myself,   I am my own best friend,   I am my own best lover,   I Love myself.

You are Enough in your Body

You are enough in your body, You are enough in your Unique, Authentic, Beautiful body That is your treasure, That is your friend, That is your lover, That is your land.   You are creating wholeness, Unity with your body Becoming one, Listening, Talking, Responding To it, Being loving, Caring, Respecting, Being supporting to it, […]

Dance of your heart

Sometimes you may feel as if Having no energy No hope, No power To move on, Sometimes you feel as if The whole world Has turned its face From you, Sometimes your blood is Boiling From piercing pain, And your veins are Tight like sailing ropes, And your whole body as if Hanging between life […]


  I was afraid of being myself, Of saying what I truly need, What is good for me, What my soul needs, And I ignored myself, I ignored my true self, I ignored my true nature, Because I was afraid, I was afraid of hurting others, And so many times I hurt myself, I was […]

Where is your inner fire?

There is a fireplace in my home, And the fire within it is rising And rising, Getting stronger And stronger, Speaking its truth, Speaking its beauty, Speaking its proof, Showing its roof of strength, Confidence, Potential And ability to grow And expand, Reach the heights And fly higher, Raise higher, Step higher, Reach higher, And […]

Inner Strength

  I’m looking at the sea waves Out of the window, And the sea waves today are so strong, So strong and powerful, Rushing toward the seashore, Being in unity with the wind, Creating magnificent power In the sea, In the earth, In the air In the people, In everything And everyone, And this is […]