Where is your inner fire?

There is a fireplace in my home,

And the fire within it is rising

And rising,

Getting stronger

And stronger,

Speaking its truth,

Speaking its beauty,

Speaking its proof,

Showing its roof of strength,



And ability to grow

And expand,

Reach the heights

And fly higher,

Raise higher,

Step higher,

Reach higher,

And when feeling this fire

Inside yourself,

You are expanding,

And your expansion is colossal,




And one day the fire in my fireplace asked me:

“Where is your inner fire?”,

“I don’t know” – I replied,

The fire repeated:

“Where is your inner fire?”,

“I don’t know, I don’t know!”,

The fire insisted:

“Where is your inner fire?”,

“It’s probably here, but I’m not sure yet.

How do I know?” – I replied,

“Where are you?” – the fire replied,

“I’m here” – I said,

“Where is your inner fire” –

The fire asked,

“It’s here.. Probably..”,

“Where is your inner fire? Be sure!” –

The fire repeated again,

“It’s here! It’s here! In me” – I exclaimed,

And I found my inner fire

In me.


Ekaterina Voznesenskaia


Ekaterina Voznesenskaia

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